Tiger’s Eye


Tiger’s Eye is primarily silicon dioxide (Quartz), coloured by iron oxide.  It is a beautiful example of a metamorphic rock.  In its formation, it originates as a fibrous blue/black Crocidolite which decomposes, altering to Quartz.  When it retains its fibrous structure, it becomes what we know and love as Tiger’s Eye, with its chatoyant flash resembling the magic of a cat’s eye.

Tiger’s Eye synthesizes a powerful solar energy and grounding earth energy, providing a sense of balance between our feminine and masculine selves, and the hemispheres of the brain, bringing a new keen awareness to our perceptions.  A helpful companion during meditation, Tiger’s Eye encourages peacefulness and contact with others in meditative states.  I recommend having Tiger’s Eye with you when exploring light-body activation or kundalini energy as it encourages stability and really helps to avoid frying the energy body with new and sudden high frequencies.  It is a great crystal ally to work with when you feel introverted but desire to welcome other resonant people into your life, and if you need some help chasing away the blues with some sunny optimistic cheer.  Tiger’s Eye stimulates our admiration for the beauty that surrounds us.  Gaze upon a flower in all its glory and realize that you too are capable of such blossoming gorgeousness.

Tiger’s Eye is particularly helpful when seeking clarity of mind, and for those who have taken on a responsibility to bring details into a practical and cohesive pattern.  It helps to bring awareness to personal needs as well as the needs of others.

In general, Tiger’s Eye works with the 3 lower chakras or energy centers of the body, the root, sacral, and solar plexus.  Focusing with the root chakra, it stimulates a deep security which can help you to attract and support a wealth of abundance.  With the sacral chakra, it helps you to balance the reproductive center and helps you to turn your attention creatively inward when in need instead of grasping outward to others.  Focus Tiger’s Eye with the solar plexus chakra to strengthen your intuition and to help resolve issues associated with willful pride.

For the physical body, Tiger’s Eye has been used traditionally to strengthen the eyes, particularly night vision, and the reproductive system.  It can be used to strengthen spinal alignment and to support and mend broken bones.

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